Friday, October 21, 2005

What do I have to do..

I have BEYOND a doubt the WORSE luck of ANYONE EVER! If I had normal person luck, I would be winning twice as many tourneys. However, since I have fucktard luck, I lose everything. Here are some examples of tonights fun:

88. I push. I get THE best call I could EVERY want. A8. 3 outs baby. If even. Hmm. 3 hearts. 4 hearts. Ummm.. how come he hit an 8 high flush?

AA,KK,QQ all cracked by 2 outers on the river.

45 flops the NUTS straight and is runner-runner rivered by a straight 1 card higher. 2 outs again, since THE only card he could get to win was a 4, and I had a 4 in my hand.

My favorite though was less of a suckout. It was in the 3K. I flop a nice 2 pair on the flop. So what do I do? Push. I put the guy with 960 chips, in a freezout tourney, all in. What does he do? Calls. Catches a flush of course.

At least I joined in the fun for one hand. I have AQ, and make a large raise. J9o calls me. The flop is QJJ. Tough hand. Should lay it down. So I bet the pot. I get cold called. Now I see alot of draws and stuff and can not put him on a hand. So I push. And guess what. I catch MY 2 outer, hitting a Q over J boat on the river. Cya.


Its a tough road being a Poker Player.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2500 Guarenteed or something..

So. Freaking. Tired. SirFWALGMan.. the Wafflenator, has just placed 3rd in this fine contest. +300 in the bankroll. I would amaze you with my wonderous wins but basically I had a jackass at my table. He rebought 6 times. He gave me 4 of those. I made an early mistake pushing QQ vs KK. Ouchie.

I chipped up slowly. Had 4K after the break. Hung in there until 20 left. Doubled up with A4o. I was a small stack. K9 called me. Hung in until final table.

Got some nice hands which got me as high as 2nd chips stack. Went all in with 22 when I had 48K, 4K blinds. I was second chip stack. KQo caught her Q. No 2 for me. That hurt me. I hung in until the 4th guy went out. I then pushed with AK vs KK and even though I made 4 spades for some excitement, I never caught the Ace to take second. So I ended up out in 3rd. A well played game for the most part.