Monday, January 24, 2005

FireFox the Dangerous

Sorry for the lack of posts. Nobody reads this and the Poker Blog keeps me busy along with work and the kids. Posts will probably remain sporadic until I notice some people reading and then we shall see. I really like attention!

I decided to create a more intense version of the Hello World Firefox extension. Why? Because I can. As is the case in most development as you add real-world functionality everything becomes more complicated and the thorns start appearing. So guess what I had to do? Reinstall Firefox. I really did not have to. I eventually found a nugget of information. You can remove bad profiles very easily by running Firefox from the command prompt with a –ProfileManager flag on the end. It allows you to delete a profile that might have become corrupt. Now I am no rocket scientist but I do not believe any Firefox extension should have the power to destroy your browser and not allow you to run the application. Umm. Can you say “Bad Design”, and there always complaining about Microsoft. Jeeeeez. Oh well, I still Love FireFox and continue to use it as my browser of choice. I am not sure what was wrong with my extension, but it was something simple as having a bad path. I again say this should not cause FireFox to die!

So my project is an Encryption/Decryption system. It has a textbox for the codeword. It has a multi-line textbox for the text to encode, or the results of the decoding. It has an Encode and Decode button. The idea of the project is to allow you to put DIV tags into your website, and those tags will have encrypted information. Only your buddies with the super secret decrypt code will be able to read the site or the secret information. Simple right. Ha! I do not even know how to begin. Well, that is not true. I went to XUL Planet for some info on designing UI. It would be nice if there was a good visual editor for XUL. I have yet to find one though. I might write one as my next project. Anyway I have figured out how to make buttons on a page and stuff but not too much more. I will keep you updated with my progress.
The tutorial is very good by the way!


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